The rooms

Move around at leisure

Enjoy a rental car, unlimited mileage for 10€ daily, for the first two days


From 20 to 40 sqm, your choice of space, location and independence.

Dar Diamar offers six large rooms, each with their own distinctive characteristics : orientation, independance, surface. Safran or Indigo can be combined en suite with Pistachio, adequate for a famiy or for a small party looking for autonomy.

In every room a rigorous disinfecting Covid protocol

When a client departs, the room is disinfected

An eight hours delay between room occupancy

Anti-bacterial gel in each room and at reception desk

Our personnel wears constantly protection masks


35 sqm

Independante entrancePrivate terrace

from 65 to 75 €/night


35 sqm

Independante entrance
Private terrace

from 65 to 75 €/night


20 sqm

Floor with unique panorama
from 55 to 65 €/night


29 sqm

Private terrace (26 sqm)

from 65 to 75 €/night


28 sqm

Moroccan living room of 18 sqm
from 65 to 75 €/night


32 or 40 sqm

Pistachio combined with Indigo or Saffron. Ideal for family grouping
from 105 to 125 €/night


Private terrace, external Morrocan lounge, at garden level, it is according to your desire. Everything is designed to provide you with the most confortable and peaceful environment ! There is even a suite for families.


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