Moroccan and French haute cuisine


Most of the time breakfast is served on the terrace dining room, under the olive tree. Coffee, tea, chocolate, fresh orange juice, small local pancakes, rolls, toasts, fruits, orange flower honey, variety of jams, according to your own taste, are served.

Breakfast is included in the room fare.

You may have any other meal at home, providing you ask for it the day before, or in the morning, at the latest.

Light lunches include fresh salads that provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding natural taste of local vegetables, that may be labelled as "bio", as no chemical fertilizer are used here; for the main course grilled meat or fish; for dessert, fruits, home made ice creams or local pastries.

Drinks are served, in the evening; guests gather for drinks around the pool bar or the outdoor living room, or inside the house, according to the weather.

Dinner is served in the main dining room or under the olive tree, or even at the poolside if a barbecue is on the menu.

Our Moroccan cook will prepare for you all the recipes that have made Moroccan cooking famous, but also French haute cuisine: he is highly trained for both

If you plan to make an excursion, we can prepare a picnic for you.